Introducing a Better Way to Manage Your Digital Evidence

Your digital evidence is everywhere and piling up fast. Get it in order with Its cloud-based, so data is stored remotely and securely. Uploading is simple, and managing and sharing are as easy as clicking and sending a link.

AXON body and AXON flex cameras

End to End Solutions

AXON body and AXON flex. Ultra-durable on-officer cameras designed to balance both simplicity and performance. With seamless integration into, your content management was never simpler.

Manage digital evidence in seconds, not hours


  • Collect anything from TASER or other systems
  • Upload files from AXON cameras, interview rooms, digital cameras, audio recorders, etc.
  • Keep any file format, from .mp4 to .jpg and beyond


  • Go from manual to automatic ingest
  • Dock AXON cameras for hands-off upload
  • Pull from your hard drive on a set schedule


  • Manage large data volumes easily on day one
  • Scale efficiently and with predictable pricing
  • Protect your evidence with ironclad security and back-ups


  • Avoid paper pushing with simple online searches
  • Find evidence by date, title or key words
  • Spend more time on the streets and less on legwork


  • Share internally or externally by sending a secure link
  • Grant access to specific people for a set time
  • Review audit trails to see who saw evidence when and actions taken