"Through, we now have the ability to upload digital evidence to a system that I don't have to manage."

Chief Chris Burbank, Salt Lake City PD

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An End to End Solution

AXON body and AXON flex. Ultra-durable on-officer cameras designed to balance both simplicity and performance. With seamless integration with managing your content has never been simpler.



  • Collect anything from TASER or other systems
  • Upload files from AXON cameras, interview rooms, digital cameras, audio recorders, etc.
  • Keep any file format, from .mp4 to .jpg and beyond


  • Go from manual to automatic ingest
  • Dock AXON cameras for hands-off upload
  • Pull from your hard drive on a set schedule


  • Manage large data volumes easily on day one
  • Scale efficiently and with predictable pricing
  • Protect your evidence with ironclad security and back-ups


  • Avoid paper pushing with simple online searches
  • Find evidence by date, title or key words
  • Spend more time on the streets and less on legwork


  • Share internally or externally by sending a secure link
  • Grant access to specific people for a set time
  • Review audit trails to see who saw evidence when and actions taken

Manage digital evidence in seconds, not hours

Your digital evidence is everywhere and piling up fast. Get it in order with It’s cloud-based, so data is stored remotely and securely. Uploading is simple, and managing and sharing are as easy as clicking and sending a link.

And it beats the price of in-house solutions. is undoubtedly the best solution for any police agency seeking to leverage the power and economic advantage of cloud technology."

Retired Chief Tom Streicher

Cincinnati PD

Simplify your evidence

Upload anything from anywhere


"We feel it is the best cloud technology solution on the market today."

Chief Don Lanpher
Aberdeen PD

"We collect more evidence and spend less time managing it."

Lieutenant B. Newman
Naugatuck Police Department | Press

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